AG Skin Repair Regenerative Serum With Patented Silver Shell Formula To Heal Acne Scarring


Most people with skin problems carry a larger than normal amount of Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria on their skin. This causes or irritates most inflammatory skin conditions such as Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea and post shaving irritation. However, it is possible to keep these conditions and their symptoms under control.

AG Skin Repair Regenerative Serum used consistently is clinically proven to dramatically improve your skin by eliminating bacteria, reducing inflammation and stopping the itch.

Our Regenerative Serum fights acne without irritating or stripping the skin, it re-balances and calms inflammation while annihilating acne forming bacteria keeping it at bay.

  • Hypoallergenic/gentle on the skin
  • No peeling or dry flaky skin
  • Fast, long lasting results with continued use
  • Clinically proven to promote the skins immuno-regulatory system
  • Not tested on animals

Calms and soothes acne prone skin by creating a bacterial barrier between your skin and make-up, helping to treat break outs and blemishes

All natural and gentle on the skin patented Sliver-Shell complex is clinically proven to have a 100% kill rate on spot forming bacteria (P. Acnes). Silver-Shell complex is residual, it sits on the skin eliminating bacteria and helping the skin to heal until you remove it!

It’s Mucoadhesive, which means it helps to deliver the silver into the bacterium, (acne causing bacteria) sticking to the Silver-Shell scaffold then the atomic silver penetrates the cell wall of the bacterium by breaking it down and destroying it.

This gets rid of harmful bacteria and stops it from mutating to form resistance.

Soothes - Heals - Calms - Moisturizes. Suitable for babies, children & adults with eczema prone skin

Dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema can causes a significant itch, which naturally motivates the behavior of scratching. However, scratching can cause complications: scratching further damages the skin barrier, leading to a worsening of symptoms, thickened patches of skin and increased risk of infection.

The exact process that causes the itch in dermatitis and eczema are not completely understood, but doctors know that the itch-scratch cycle perpetuates these diseases. One of the recommendations for good skin care is to avoid scratching although this is easier said than done!!

During the second phase of skin healing-also known as Inflammation where the body draws blood from the surrounding area to mend the damage done to the skin. Protease and human growth factors can send a signal to your brain to pick and scratch causing itch. Chitosan regulates the over production of cytokines (growth factors) & protease which reduces the itching experienced by many & helps stop the itch-scratch cycle.


Your skin is constantly regenerating itself. It creates new skin cells within its deeper layers, slowly pushing these upwards as the cells mature. Once the skin sheds its older skin cells, these new skin cells show through, looking much fresher and brighter than the cells they replaced.

The skin cell regeneration process is something that occurs prolifically when you are young. However, as the body and skin ages, this process slows down quite significantly. Environmental and lifestyle factors also contribute to this decline.

What happens then is that your skin takes on a rougher and duller appearance, because the older and dead skin cells end up remaining on the surface of your skin for longer. By speeding up skin cell regeneration, SilverShell helps to change all of this. It encourages your skin to produce new skin cells at a faster rate, which means that your skin then sheds its older skin cells much quicker.

This is why the ingredient chitosan is also commonly used when it comes to wound healing in the medical profession. By increasing the production of new skin cells, SilverShell is able to dramatically speed up the rate at which a wound heals while also ensuring that it heals in a healthy way. 


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